Sickle Classics Genesis: Super Hoodie

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Pierced Heart Outfit Genesis
Curiosities - Paneled Mirror


SickleYield’s attractive and flexible Super Hoodie is now available for Genesis!

All your favorite morphs are here, from the zip and unzip to the opening pockets to a set of special layering morphs for fitting over shirts! Not only that, but the FBMs for V4M4, V5, the Iconics and Evolution are all custom (NOT left to Autofit), ensuring the best possible fit for a huge number of characters. The hood has two bones for ease of posing when it’s up, and when it’s down it won’t be dragged around when the head turns.

All the original textures are included and are offered as .dsa mats.

Extra Morphs:

Blow Back
Blow Left
Blow Right
Flop Open
Hood Blow Back
Hood Down
Hood Hair Clearance
Hood Pull
Hood Widen
Laces Forward
Laces Left
Laces Right
Laces Straight Up
Layering Back Back
Layering Cuff Size
Layering Front Forward
Layering Raise Shoulders
Layering Widen Bottom Front Back
Layering Widen Bottom Sides
Layering Widen Sides
Open Front
Pocket Left
Pocket Right
Pull In Front
Zip Full
Zip Partial 2
Zip Partial
Prop 01
Prop 02


Pierced Heart Outfit Genesis
Curiosities - Paneled Mirror

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