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? 1 Preloaded Shockwave motorcycle figure (ERC dials movements grouped on the body)

? 5 smart props with external .obj

? 10 Styles MATS POSES

? 2 Poses for V4 (driver & passenger)

? 2 Poses for M4 (driver & passenger)

? 3 templates

? 12 textures map (diffus, bump, transmap, reflection, displacement)


? All dials movements for the motorcycle are grouped on the body (ERC)

? You can turn the bike in single place, select the saddle and simply remove it and then go to your library and load the props saddle1 (it’s parented to the motorcycle automatically.

? If you want to move the motorcycle in your scene, select the V4 hip and with the command menu figure > set parent figure, choose in the hierarchy the base part of the motorcycle figure when done select the motorcycle and move on in your scene, the character will follow.
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