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As a child, Mortus had been schooled in the ways of orkish war-magics and the shamanic traditions handed down from mother to daughter among her kind since time forgotten. Legends of her people told of a time when the various tribes of the orks had been united across the lands of Argoth, separated from the world of men by the tumultuous waters of the Seas of Dracunheim, and how one day, an ork-mother would come who would unite the tribes, restoring them to their former glory. It was a tale shared by every she-ork in their youth, the dream that perhaps she could be the one who would bring the mighty ork tribes together again to dominate and conquer.

+ Two Skin Textures sets — 1 without and 1 with tribal tats
+ Conforming Hair piece with morphs
+ material settings for Poser 6, Poser 7+ and DS3
Product Includes:
Hair conforming figure w/morphs
Mortus the Black Skin Texture & Alternate w/ tribal tats
Default Material files for Poser 6 & up
DS3 default MAT poses

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She Orkz: Mortus the Black - Clothing and Props
Orkz: Warlordz


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