Shanty Town Pack 2

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RM Darby
Interjection Booster Shot One

The pack includes all the singular building models featured in the promotional pictures you see here – plus 3 city street blocks with buildings laid out, with pathways leading around, plus alleyways leading from one side of the street to the backpart – great for quickly setting up a scene for your projects.

Available 3d formats
UnityFBX version Provided
FBX (2010, 2012)
dts (Torque)
x (DirectX)
u3d (Ultimate Unwrap3D)
OGRE xml and MESH

Model Specifications

12 Characters, one each.
20 materials for props.
Buidlings (70+) use just 22 materials.
70 Shanty Styled Buildings.
3 Full City Blocks(High rise)
20 Props
12 Animated Characters

Poly/Tri Count
Shanty buildings 2000-4000
Props between 200-1400
Characters 4-5k each

Shader Maps
Normal/Spec Maps

12 Characters, Biped Rig, 48 Bones


RM Darby
Interjection Booster Shot One

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