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This mix-and-match collection allows you to customize your corneas, slick your surfaces, and create the android or cyborg of your dreams. Whether your automaton comes from the era of steam or the era of deep-space exploration, this set has what it takes to bring your creation to life!

Optimized for Poser 6 and higher, this collection includes a custom inject morph and MAT files to apply the textures that can be used on Victoria 4 and Michael 4. The included MOR presets are for Victoria 4 only.

45 preset combinations for all portions of the eye, MAT and MOR with reset included
Custom morph INJ + REM
93 cornea options
50 additional full-eye cover cornea options
165 inorganic iris options
30 organic iris options
13 eye surface options
13 matching tear options
31 lacrimal options
Can mix and match options to create thousands of looks. MATs and morphs included here will also mix and match with Surreal Gaze: TerrorEyes to further expand your options!


Anatomy Theatre
Dynamic Furnitures


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