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Bombastic Volume, Sexy Indulgence, Wild Mind!

Sexbomb Hair is a high quality corkscrew-curly hairstyle for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4. All hairstrands have been modelled in a special way to prevent dark rendered backfaced polygons to bring you beautiful renders!

Included is a set of hairmorphs consisting of 53 morphs. Have a look at the Description below for a detailed Morphs list.

Our Click’n’Mix system give you the possibility to create thousands of different color styles with just a few clicks. Choose one of the 25 included photorealistic and hi-res texture styles as a base and then apply a “Mix” and/or “e;Streaks”e; matpose to get colored strands. Have a look at the picture below to see all included colors and how the “Mix” and “Streaks” matposes work and apply.


HIGHCOUTURE: Bijou for V4/A4/G4
Edens Bob


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