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Serene Garden Props

A construction set of beautifully crafted nature/building props you can use to create your own secret garden, or use the pre-load included!

Whats Included:

– Pre-Load Scene with all props (with multiples of some items, for a rich and full scene)

– Ground Prop with easy blend transparency edges
– Arch Wall
– Wall Section, can be used however you want, build longer walls, enclosures, etc.
– Big Leaf Plant
– Fern
– Ground Stones
– Large Tree
– Bush
– Tall Grass
– Ivy Left
– Ivy Right

– 11 Props Total, plus the Pre-Loaded Scene for ease of use

– 03 Materials for Tree Leaves
– 04 Materials for Bush Leaves, (03 Leaf/01 Flower)
– 04 Materials for Ivy Leaves, (02 Ivy/02 Flower)


All props load from the props library and are parented to the ground, To move the pre-loaded scene simply select the ground and move/rotate. High quality textures and bump maps for realism really bring out the best with the Serene Garden. Create beautiful renders in just a few clicks! Renders perfect in DAZ Studio with Iray (see promos) but .duf files are not included, however, the props will work in DAZ Studio, and have been fully tested. You may adjust any/all materials to your desired settings, but it is not necessary. The wall section included can be used to build more secret gardens to your liking, using the pre-load is just one of the options at your finger tips. You can build a smaller area, with just a few plants, and incorporate props you already have with this set for even more options!

Rendered in Poser 2014 & DAZ Studio Iray


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