Sequin Club for Genesis 3 Females

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Software: Daz Studio 4
Base Figures: Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7

”Sequin Club for Genesis 3 Female(s)” is an outfit set which is designed for Genesis 3 Female(s). The parts are formed by high quality meshes and also contain many dynamic morphs to give the most realism to your scenes.


1 Fit to Sequin Club Dress Figure
1 Fit to Sequin Club Panty Figure
2 Prop Earrings(Right,Left)

Dynamic Morphs

Dress BreasDressenR
Dress BresDressenL
Dress SkirtBackUp
Dress OpenDeccolete

Panty BackDown
Panty FrontDown

Fitting Morphs

Dress ADJBreastL
Dress ADJBreastR
Dress ADJBreastSideL
Dress ADJBreastSideR
Dress ADJHip
Dress ADJSkirtFront
Dress ADJTorsoUp
Dress ADJThighSideBendR
Dress ADJWaist

Panty ADJPanty


Dress CTRLBreastsImplants
Dress CTRLBreastsNatural
Dress Aiko7
Dress FBMFitnessSize
Dress FBMGirl7
Dress Olympia7
Dress FBMVictoria7
Dress FBMVoluptuous
Dress PBMBreastsCleavage
Dress PBMBreastsDiameter
Dress PBMBreastsPerkSide
Dress PBMBreastsSize
Dress PBMBreastsSmall
Dress JCMThighBendBackL
Dress JCMThighBendL
Dress JCMThighBendR
Dress JCMThighBendR2
Dress JCMThighTwistL-
Dress JCMThighTwistL+
Dress JCMThighTwistR-
Dress JCMThighTwistR+

Panty FBMAiko7
Panty FBMFitnessSize
Panty FBMGirl7
Panty FBMOlympia7
Panty FBMVictoria7
Panty FBMVoluptuous


Grateful members:

Profile photo of IanProfile photo of JessamynProfile photo of murProfile photo of DamienProfile photo of PA PinkelmanProfile photo of dormantProfile photo of k2osirisProfile photo of ZenziProfile photo of DalamarProfile photo of loulorenzProfile photo of Jose RosasProfile photo of wideloadProfile photo of DannoProfile photo of Sylvie63Profile photo of G8M_BelmundoProfile photo of RossanoProfile photo of Astray96Profile photo of MakonProfile photo of DmitryProfile photo of MariellaProfile photo of PosetteProfile photo of artisticProfile photo of Anna

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