Scrapper Vehicle from ‘Daedalus’

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It had started out life very differently. Sleek. Smooth. Fast. It once purred as it made its way across the SkyLand horizon, under the well-manicured hands of a PrimoGentry, maneuvering with ease through the clouds and skirting the many floating cities owned and operated by its driver. Now, the shine worn, the leather torn and a few bumpy nights from one too many parties, the little car found itself dumped for a newer, better toy. It was forgotten, until Rudi found it on a Scrapper run. Though it will never be the same again, it was forged into something new through the welding of many old things. It had become better than new; it had become useful. Once on display until it had lost its luster, it was now cherished. It had the feel of an old roadster. It still had rockets but sported an additional new anti-gravity unit and a cargo area, but most of all it had Rudi. It was the pride and joy of the little Scrapper and it found it could purr just as well in her tiny, capable hands and move like the wind just for her.



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    April 3, 2013

    Love thes ‘Steampunk’ items. thanks

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