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The wall sphere props and the lights that point to the walls have the “cast shadow” option disabled
(this meaning that they don’t cast shadows), this was done because if you render a scene with the cast shadow feature the wall shadow would make the scene too dark (since some lights are outside the room itself). But if you want the window shadow to be cast simply enable the “cast shadow” option on the wall, this will allow light to enter only through the windows “holes” and transparency

– Vue users: simply import the SteamRoomPP.pz3 into your scene, delete the Wall and catwalk spheres (you will
find them names as “balls”) and create your own light settings inside Vue, you may want to remember to add the back wall if you want a closed room.
Do NOT check the “Group figures as single meshes” box when importing the Room.

– All the figures load in the right position to compose the scene as you can see in the store pics so that you don’t have to move them manually to recreate the scene but it would very easy to move them to personalize your setting.

– There are two pre-build pz3 files (one for Poser4 users, one for Poser Pro Pack users) with the complete scene so if you want to use all the pieces you don’t have to load them into the scene one by one.
The pz3 was saved with the “Bright” light setting and “frontal camera” setting. We decided to create all the pieces as
separate figures so you can simply load the things you want into the scene.
The basic scene is composed of three walls (front, left and right wall) by default but a back wall figure can be find in
the AS-SteamRoom folder in your figures library, you can usefully add it not to leave blank space with particular
camera settings.


She Orkz: Gura the Vile


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