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UPDATED: 2018-01-15:

  • This update has been made on the V3DSO 02 Scene Optimizer script only, as well as in the pdf documentation.
  • These changes have been made in order to take into account the treatment of the png images with transparency used on the Diffuse Overlay properties of the face (ears/lips) of some recent female figures for their eyebrows or their make up. The default result of the map size reduction process without the update was a black face (ears/lips).
  • The solutions provided are :
    • The default checkbox to automatically process png files with transparency has been unchecked. It was previously checked.
    • The way the eventual pre-existing lower resolution png images (among them the black ones) are automatically or not automatically loaded instead of a png image with transparency has been changed. With this update, if the users have made a mistake and end up with the “black face” (or any other part of the body) phenomenon, then they can undo in Daz Studio and the next time they reduce the image map size, this lower png map is not automatically reloaded, as it was the case before this update.

Scene Optimizer is a set of tools which allow you to lower the memory required to develop your scenes and/or to speed up your renders. It gathers all the essential tools to lower the memory requirements of your scene, which can enable faster viewport manipulation and, in the case of Iray rendering, may enable you to use the GPU to render some scenes that didn’t fit before optimization. That last point can result in a tremendous render time savings.

Are you wasting precious memory with maps you don’t need or maps that are too high resolution on distant – or even close – objects? You choose which scene elements to optimize, guided by a list of your scene elements; sorted by distance from the camera, texture map size, number of maps, or number of faces in the mesh. You can process the action(s) of your choice on the elements checked in this list : reduce texture map size, remove normal maps, remove bump maps, remove all maps, remove translucency/SSS, or hide/show the scene elements entirely. There is no need to go into the Surface pane and manually find and delete these maps one material at a time any more.

Subdivision of High Resolution objects can be a memory hog. Scene Optimizer can change the subdivision level of multiple High Resolution scene elements at one time. Just select the elements in a check list of High Resolution meshes and click the button for the subdivision level you want. Instance optimization allows you to show or hide instances in the viewport or render, and to swap between memory and speed optimization for Iray.

Don’t worry about reducing the texture map resolution or deleting maps. Scene Optimizer has you covered! Two additional convenient utility scripts allow you to save your original texture map state before optimizing and restore it later on any object you want, if you’ve made a mistake. This might surprise you; the save and restore scripts can also act as a convenient LIE baker, or texture set swapper.

Scene Optimizer is not just for Iray. It works with 3Delight too, even if the global benefit is less spectacular and requires more optimization actions than for Iray.

Even if all the scripts are very intuitive to use, instructions for all Scene Optimizer scripts can be found right in the script interface, and detailed instructions and tips for all three scripts are included in an illustrated PDF manual for the product.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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    April 28, 2017

    Thanks for this awesome time saver. works very good.

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