Scaramouche for M4 and V4

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AW Carnival Royale Jesters
AW Life or Death


When a gentleman dons the mask of Scaramouche, he become a swashbuckling adventurer. Dressed in a two-toned ensemble with a mysterious lady on his arm, they attend the masquerade as whomever they want to be. Elegant and mysterious this couple become the star of any render. victoria’s off the shoulder scoop necked flared skirt gown can be innocent or wickedly sophisticated. The dynamic dress has realistic folds that fold the contours of the body. Dynamic dress sims all body morphs, no matter how extreme. The clothing simulates fast and drapes beautifully. Dynamic two-toned shirt and Dynamic black pants for M4 are designed to complement his mask.



AW Carnival Royale Jesters
AW Life or Death

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