Samurai Accessories for M4

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Samurai Accessories for M4

This accessories set includes typical gear used by the Samurai Warrior. Included you will find the following:

The Katana and Scabbard – The Scabbard is smart propped to the belt. The Katana is smart propped to the scabbard. A second Katana prop is included parented to M4 right hand.

Belt – Simple rope belt commonly used to tie the scabbard tot he waist. This is a conforming figure and has the morphs to match the outfit.

Spear – Typical spear used in rush attacks. A smart prop is also included parented to M4 right hand.

Banner – These banners were commonly used with family or clan symbols.

This set of props was designed for the Samurai Yoroi for M4 but since they are simple props and smart props, they can be used independently.

Required Products:

Poser 7+
Samurai Yoroi for M4



Genesis Evolution: Expressions
Samurai Yoroi Armor for M4

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