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M4 Bodysuit
P3dO Explorer pro 2.2

Ryoma follows the code of honor of the Samurai. His warrior spirit has seen much in all aspects of his life. He has become a friend, defeder and teacher to everyone he encounters.

In this package you’ll find:
– INJ Ryoma Head
– REM Ryoma Head
– INJ Ryoma Body
– REM Ryoma Body
– MAT Ryoma
– MAT Ryoma SSS
– INJ Genitals M4
– REM Genitals M4
– MAT Genitals M4
– MAT Genitals M4 SSS
– Xtra MAT Genitals M3
– Xtra MAT Genitals M3 SSS
– 3 MAT Eye colors
– 5 MAT Face
– 3 MAT Body
– 2 MAT Arms
– 5 MAT Face SSS
– 3 MAT Body SSS
– 2 MAT Arms SSS

The head is custom morphed to give Ryoma a very unique and realistic look.


M4 Bodysuit
P3dO Explorer pro 2.2

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