RT-Napoleonic M4 Grenadiers A Cheva

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Rosy cheeks Lina Collection
Quiet Reflection Vignette

These are beautifully crafted uniforms and amazing textures.

Package details :

20 objs

12 characters
* GRD Tailed Jacket
* GRD Pants with Knee socks
* GRD Bandolier
* GRD Belt
* GRD Boots with Knee Protector
* GRD Strings(over shoulder-pads)
BODY MORPH TARGETs for all figures:
Body Builder, Heavy, Super Hero, Thin, Young.

15 props
* GRD Ammot-Tache
* GRD BearSkin
* GRD Side Cape (with morphs)
* GRD Glove Collars (L&R)
(M4 Gloves second skin also included)
* GRD Shoulder Gongs (L&R)
* GRD Musket with long bayonette
* GRD Sword full at side
* GRD Sword Anchor
* GRD Sword Sheath
* GRD Sword in Sheath
* GRD Sword at R hand
* GRD String Pins (posable)

* 40 textures (including bump and displacement maps)
* 31 MAT files
* 8 M4 Grenadier all-around poses
* Matching Cape poses
* Utility Poses


Rosy cheeks Lina Collection
Quiet Reflection Vignette

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