Royal Bedchamber

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The Royal Bedchamber Set features a separate ceiling prop that can be removed if
needed. The Coals prop is also separate because it can be used with the Brazier or
the Stand props.

Natural and expressive, these quality poses and accessory scene props will allow
you to set up very sensual renders of your M4 and V4 characters posed in the most
intimate of activities.

The complete set is as follows:

Props (PP2):
!!Complete Set
Poses (PZ2):
RB-01 M4
RB-01 V4
RB-02 M4
RB-02 V4
RB-03 M4
RB-03 V4
RB-04 M4
RB-04 V4
RB-05 M4
RB-05 V4
RB-06 M4
RB-06 V4
RB-07 M4
RB-07 V4
RB-08 M4
RB-08 V4
To use: load the Royal Bedchamber Set.pz3 file, the !!Complete Set.pp2 prop or
any of the individual props as needed. Then load in your M4 and V4 characters.
Select the M4 character and apply the chosen M4 pose. Then select the V4 character
and apply the V4 pose of the same pose number. The characters will reposition
themselves into the correct position near the center of the Poser universe at
the correct height of the RB-Bed prop.

The Royal Bedchamber Set props come with all of the texture templates so you can
customize the look of the props to suit.

The Royal Bedchamber Set props have been tested to work in Poser v5 and higher.
They should work in earlier versions of Poser and/or Daz Studio as well.



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