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There’s not much to say about the Rounds. Mostly, they stand and stare at things. They also like hats. And wigs. Sometimes, they stack themselves up because they like being tall. But, mostly they just stare.

RoundTWO is a stand-alone figure for Poser. It is fully weight-mapped, and has expressive eyebrows, and optional eyelashes. The package also contains several poses, and makeup options. The leg poses are all compatible with the RoundONE figure as well.

The RoundTWO eyebrows are controlled by the FaceLift expression system. This new system gives each facial control point six degrees of freedom, allowing for very dynamic expressions.

– Fully weight-mapped rigging
– FaceLift expression system
– Optional eyelashes
– Leg poses compatible with RoundONE

Product Includes:
– RoundTWO stand-alone figure
– 5 poses
– 5 FaceLift expression poses
– 14 MAT material poses



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