Roman Doric Ornamental Construction Kit

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The product is based directly on the historic Roman Doric Ornamental style used to enrich the interior of the Great Baths of Diocletian in Ancient Rome. The style was derived from Ancient Greece and is fully enriched with Triglyphs, Dentils, and Basic Moldings with a high degree of fidelity to the original inspiration.

Details included quoined wall corners, stone wall facing with modeled edges to the ashlar masonry. Doors are completely serviceable with a handy open and close morph.

Users who do not wish to configure their own designs can rely upon the provided presets. This product provides Columns, Entablatures (Lintel with Cornice, Frieze, and Architrave), Walls, and Pavements. Additionally, a richly modeled Bronze Double Door can be used for interiors or exteriors.

Included is a .PDF that explains the basics of using the kit to design your own masterpieces.


Torprin Tower


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