Rogue Element Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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Rogue Element: A term that describes something that acts uncharacteristically for it’s type, most notably in chemistry. It alludes to a behavioral pattern in any entity, which is completely different and unexpected from others of its kind… often causing damage.

This 6 piece outfit is entirely built upon that concept. It is created to work asymmetrically, capitalizing on a duality that is built into the pieces, so that the right side can look very different from the left. But knowing that isn’t a look everyone favors, it works symmetrically as well, and on multiple levels, even – from having long boots to short boots and even shorter booties, or long gauntlets, short gauntlets to short fingerless gloves or a sleeve by itself (to name a small few) It includes a metric ton of utility mats that will turn off just about anything from the left to right side, giving you the ultimate control over how the outfit looks. Hierarchical materials and presets are also included to get you started, so that you can change it up quickly… but more combinations are possible.

But I haven’t forgotten the damage part and this armor is hardcore enough to dole out some major damage. It features tribal metal plate (symbolic of a plasmatic and formless element, such as the materials are named) on fitted leather, with some serious metallic hardware (including built-in brass knuckles) and lacing enclosures (which you can either leave closed or open to show some skin) It also comes fully loaded with a ton of options and is mainstream enough to viably fit in multiple genres. Use it for Greco-Roman, Zombies, Steampunk, High Fantasy and more.

Along with its versatility, I have optimized it to look its best too. It features optional HD morphs for all the pieces included, that add deeper deformations and a hammered look to the plate, scratches to plate and wrinkles to the cloth, for a more realistic look. These are separated, so you can use any or all or none.

Also included are 5 color sets and tons of materials, so that you can change the color to fit any environment seamlessly. It is also here where the set capitalizes on its name. There are full hierarchical materials for each color set, which come in three different modes: Imperial (a regal velvet and shiny metal mode) Revenant (a tattered velvet and dulled metal mode) and finally Sentinel, which is entirely dual-colored leather clad with metal plate. Hierarchical material presets are additionally included, which give you ways you can change its style from asymmetrical, to minimal, medium and maximum. It doesn’t stop there, as there are also separated materials included, so you can load whatever you like and mix the textures, and even apply the tattering to any cloth. And as always, Iray and 3Delight materials are included, so you are covered no matter what engine you use.

Be sure to also check out the arsenal add-on, which adds a matching polearm, dual-wielded glaive and a shield (with poses to match)

This version is for Genesis 3 Female!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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Z Battle Zone - Poses for the Genesis 3 Female(s)
Rogue Element Arsenal


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