Rock School Stage

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Let your poser characters rock on this stage. With many adjustable Parts, Props and textures this is a very adaptable stage and can be used concerts, plays, dance shows.
The Set Contains Stage, Spot Light Rail and single spot, Overhead lights, Speaker Bank, Feed Back Speakers, Back Lighters, Microphone and stand, Light Bank and a variety of texture options.

The Stage has remote controls on the “Stage” body part for adjusting and drawing the curtains and raising the Dais either as one or 3 part staggered. The stage also has a front extention.
The stage is built in parts Left Stage, Right Stage, Canopy, back drop, wall audiance floor etc. so that they can be hidden making camera angles easier.
The Light Rail (15 spot lights) has remote controls for adjusting the lamps and beams there is a selection of 3 preset poses and 6 lighting mat poses so the beams and light colours can be changed with 1 click.
There are 11 backdrop materials and the templates for making your own back drop Band name etc. The Curtains have 8 colour/Style options and the Dais has 6 colour Options

With the exception of the Light banks the lights have beam effects that can be extended, focused and other shifting options.



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