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Rocks! One of the most common things in the universe and now you can rock your world! “Rock My World” is a fantastic way to add rocks, boulders or even just a pebble to your scenes. It also makes it really easy to create your own rocky world as you can see by the promos. Create anything from other worldly scenes to just a wonderful creek bottom.

The set includes 5 large rocks, around 8 feet tall, 1 base rock which serves as both a great platform rock and another boulder, 1 medium rock around 2 feet tall and one fully rigged rubble set of 12 very small rocks. These rocks look great from every angle, even the bottom. They also scale really well. This allows you to vary the rocks used in your scene so that no two look the same. The rigged rubble lets you move, rotate, scale or hide each individual rock in the rubble set. From huge rocks to pebbles, it’s all here and easy to use.

There are four textures sets for each of the rocks. The textures were crafted to a medium base color allowing you to easily lighter or darken any of the texture sets or even do a bit of your own custom tinting.


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