Riccardo Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s)

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Welcome to the real world… of real men.

Something to be noted about the Riccardo Hair is that in addition to it being extremely high quality it comes with not only multiple material zones but also with 5 special style groups. These Style Groups (A – E) allow for fully customizable hair styling, everything from that Monk’s Circle to crazy bedhead with just a few dial spins!

What’s Included and Features
Riccardo Hair (.DUF)
All Hair Length 2mm
Bangs Inside
Bangs Length 2mm
Ears 1 Inside
Ears Length 2mm
Expand All
Head 1 Inside
Head 1 Length 2mm
Head 2 Inside
Head 2 Length 2mm
Neck 1 Inside
Neck 1 Length 2mm
Neck 2 Inside
Neck 2 Length 2mm
Restyle 1 Bangs
Restyle 1 Ears
Restyle 1 Head 1
Restyle 1 Head 2
Restyle 1 Neck 2
Restyle 1 Temple
Restyle 1
Restyle 1A
Restyle 1B
Restyle 1C
Restyle 1D
Restyle 1E
Restyle 2 Bangs
Restyle 2 Ears
Restyle 2 Head 1
Restyle 2 Head 2
Restyle 2 Neck 1
Restyle 2 Temple
Restyle 2
Restyle 2A
Restyle 2B
Restyle 2C
Restyle 2D
Restyle 2E
Restyle 3
Restyle 3A
Restyle 3B
Restyle 3C
Restyle 3D
Restyle 3E
Restyle 4 Bangs
Restyle 4 Ears
Restyle 4 Head 1
Restyle 4 Head 2
Restyle 4 Neck 1
Restyle 4 Neck 2
Restyle 4 Temples
Restyle 4
Restyle 4A
Restyle 4B
Restyle 4C
Restyle 4D
Restyle 4E
Restyle 5 Bangs
Restyle 5 Head 1
Restyle 5 Head 2
Restyle 5 Neck 1
Restyle 5 Neck 2
Restyle 5 Temples
Restyle 5
Restyle 5A
Restyle 5B
Restyle 5C
Restyle 5D
Restyle 5E
Restyle 1 Neck 1
Restyle 2 Neck 2
Temple 2 Inside
Temple Length 2mm
Thickness A
Thickness B
Thickness C
Thickness D
Thickness E
Supported Shapes:
Gianni 7
Kimo 7
Lee 7
Leo 7
Michael 7
The Guy 7
Other Shapes supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
Riccardo Hair with Zones Display Pane
Zones Display Pane Only
Material Options
Hair and Zones Display:
Zones Display Pane On/Off
Hair Materials:
Black Full
Black for Each Zone A-E
Blonde Full
Blonde for Each Zone A-E
Brown Full
Brown for Each Zone A-E
Red Full
Red for Each Zone A-E
Silver Full
Silver for Each Zone A-E
Preset Styles:
5 Restyles
5 Restyle Mixes
Textures Include:
1 Texture Map (2500 x 1000)
2 Bump and Transparency Maps (1024 x 1024)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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