Renderosity Poser Premium Tutorials 5 to 8

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Lesson 05: Cloth Room
The Cloth Room can be a joy or a headache to work with depending on your knowledge of it. In this tutorial we cover the basics of what kinds of geometry is required for cloth, settings to modify cloth from Canvas to Silk and which clothing props can be considered for use in the cloth room.

Lesson 06: Bullet Cloth
Anybody that has played console or computer games has seen the Bullet Physics Engine in action since many game developers use it for their games. Poser has engaged Bullet in Poser to quickly allow users to create all sorts of physical simulation, including cloth – and see it all interactively. In this tutorial we explore the ?cloth? abilities of this powerful technology and compare it to the Cloth Room in Poser.

Lesson 07: Posing
Posing is so much more than just moving things. In this tutorial, we cover which posing tools to use based upon what you are trying to accomplish and why some methods are more efficient to use than others in certain situations. We also take a look at ways to use built-in shortcuts (pre-existing morph targets) and the timeline to easily transition from one pose to another.

Lesson 08: Animation 1
Making something move in Poser is easy. Making it move well takes a little more work. In this movie, the first of two dealing with animation, we are introduced to methods of making things move and how to use some of the control sets to modify that motion. Viewers will be introduced to the basic animation controls, the dedicated animation window and the tweening graph.


Poser Pro 2014 SR4 - REQUIRED
942 Photoshop Actions


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