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Render Throttle for Iray is a render optimization preset manager add-on for Iray in Daz Studio.

Render Throttle provides a new preset type, one for DrawSettings, then allows you to apply a DrawSettings Preset, a RenderSettings Preset, and switch Draw Style with a single click!

Render Throttle for Iray introduces an exciting new workflow by allowing you to quickly switch between responsive interactive viewport renders, and final quality offline rendering with a single click. The Interactive Lo and Interactive Med Presets start an Interactive Viewport render with low Max Samples which will keep you from killing your computer while getting interactive feedback from Iray. The Render Hi preset will give you a beautiful high-quality render (but you will have to wait).

With Render Throttle, you can use optimized Iray Draw Settings for quick feedback while editing materials, cameras or lights and then with a single click, kick off a final quality render.

Stop wasting time–Get the most out of Iray, and start rendering with RenderThrottle for Iray!


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