Render Sphere (DS)

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Compatible software: DAZ Studio
(optional) Photoshop 6.0 and up / The Gimp 2.0
A set of spheres around your scene with amazing surround effects / filters
Unprecedented rendering speed
Superior quality right out of the box
Additional Photoshop / The Gimp filters give live adjustments
Full control of all effects, including color, opacity, size, position and rotation
Effects included:

Background DOF Effect with 4 distinctive backgrounds in one
Background Fog
Background Ground Fog
Foreground Fog
Foreground Ground Fog
Dust / Snow Effect Small
Dust / Snow Effect Medium
Dust / Snow Effect Large
Lens Effect
Lens Effect Heavy
Light Set:

Key Light with additional stripe shadow effects (full control over size, rotation and skew against scene)
Fill Left
Fill Right
Bounce Left
Bounce Right
Back Left
Back Right
Full control over all lights position, rotation, color and intensity
Additional Photoshop / Gimp filters (actions)

Miami Preset
Cold Preset
Default Preset
Custom Preset (Gimp only)
Glow 1
Glow 2



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