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This product includes a 3D figure of a Remmington 700 rifle for Poser,
DazStudio and Cinema 4D R12.

Rem700-rifle (figure) for Poser/DS
Scope (figure) for the Poser/DS Rem700-rifle
Scope (prop without moving parts) for the Poser/DS Rem700-rifle
BiPod (figure) for the Poser/DS Rem700-rifle
Magazine (figure or Prop) for the Poser/DS Rem700-rifle
Silencer (prop) the Poser/DS Rem700-rifle
Sight (Prop) the Poser/DS Rem700-rifle
bullet and shell (prop)
Poser-and DS-materials:
police-style (black)
military-style (green)
private-style (black with woodgrips)
7 poses for Victoria 4 and Michael 4 (for Poser and DS)
1 hand-pose Victoria 4 and Michael 4 (for Poser and DS)
1 Rem700-rifle with accessories as C4D-File for Cinema 4D R12 +

for Poser & DazStudio: Poser 5 and above (PC) or Daz-Studio 3 (PC)
for Cinema 4D: Cinema 4D R12 and above
for 3DS Max: 3DS-Max 2012 & 3DS-Max Design 2012 and above



Snowflakedance for V4,A4,Girl4,Stephanie4
Retro for Bluebelle Dress

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