Real Emotions for DAZ Studio 4

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Feel the emotion with Real Emotions for DAZ Studio 4!

This is the set you’ve been waiting for! One hundred twenty unique (sixty male and sixty female) Real Emotion facial expressions, eighteen male and eighteen female (mouth only) Real Phonemes, and twenty-six Real Easy Eye poses.

Real Emotions for DAZ Studio 4 works with all Genesis figures, including Victoria 5 and Michael 5. Based on scientific data, this emotion set is the most realistic yet. Each expression evokes real human emotion.

With a single click of the mouse you can select any of a wide range of expressions. There’s no need to turn dials endlessly to get the right effect because its all been done for you. Every expression is a complete emotion just waiting to breathe life into your DAZ Studio 4 illustrations, comics, and animations. Real Emotions can be used for animation key frames.

Real Phonemes are completely new, as well, affecting only the mouth. They can also be used together with Real Emotions to add emotion to your lip sync animation and illustrations.

Real Easy Eyes is a one click solution to all of your eye posing needs. No more fussing around with dials to find the right combination. This is a huge time saver, which means less hassle and more time for creativity. See how real emotions can be with Real Emotions for DAZ Studio 4!


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