QuadSpinner Rock Z – Master Trinity Collection

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Anchoring the Master Trinity, Rock Z is powered by QuadSpinner’s proprietary Supernoi? Fractal Seed. This one-of-a-kind multi-layered material, in rich earth pigments, creates rock that protrudes from sandstone or sand. These common patterns found in nature are encapsulated in this fractal. The idea and resulting technique was born in the field, specifically in Zion National Park.

Remember, if you are applying Rock X or Y on a terrain, for instance, then use Rock Z on one or more HyperTerrains? for added realism and depth.


Rock Z, Marine
– This dynamic variant is specially color toned for water refraction, making it ideal for coral reefs, riverbeds, and behind waterfalls. It gives the appearance of both hard and sandy surfaces.

Rock Z, Crevice
– Caves, crevices and other confined spaces will come to life with this version. Small sandy cracks give greater definition to large rocks clusters.



QuadSpinner - High Altitude
QuadSpinner Rock Y - Master Trinity Collection

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