QuadSpinner – Procedural Terrain Scenes Vol. 1

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All scenes in this adaptable, dramatic collection feature exclusive Procedural Terrains with infinite detail and full lighting conditions. The terrains were made using mixed Terrain Fractals for more complex visuals. The specially crafted Atmospheres follow the principles explained in our tutorial Capturing the Brilliance of Light. They promise a sense of grandness, superb realism, and include God-rays. Even you will do a double-take.

Planet Earth
Eroded by ancient river flow, this terrain looks so real it could pass for a crisp satellite image. Tiered topography depicts high elevation and the Earth’s floor.

Mt. Olympus
Tucked away on the back side of this massive mountain lies a hidden stage, a ceremonial platform for communion with the Gods.

The Path
Smooth channels cut a winding course from vertical heights to deep canyons below. Shafts of God-rays set the tone.

To achieve infinite new variations with these terrains, we recommend working with QuadSpinner’s tutorial Realistic Procedural Terrains. Explore. Enjoy!



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