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QuadSpinner Mineral Infinity

This captivating collection includes 14 materials that pack a Herculean punch. Each represents authentic color tones and wide-ranging color variations found in the field. These materials give you infinite detail – the closer you position the camera lens, the more elaborate the canvas.

Mineral Infinity debuts Quadspinner’s innovative Scale/Render Sensitive feature. Each offering comes with an alternate material version for application on distant objects to ensure realistic quality detail with improved render times. What’s there not to love?

Deeply lined and textured with smooth water-eroded areas, this bleached sandstone celebrates nature’s play of black and white.

A dramatic blend of light and dark browns that can be used for soil, mud or hard rock face.

The soft neutral palette of this sulfuric oxidized sandstone will enliven a variety of desert settings.

This richly colored sulfur ore is ideal for moss-covered jungle rock.

Inspired by its namesake (magnificent Zion National Park), this oxidized iron ore is punctuated by black pigments from weathering.

A spectacular range of pale peach to deep russet make this material the perfect aged sandstone.

The distressed marble shard infused sandstone reveals wonderful depth from exposed pockets of salts and other crystals.

The light iron ore composition of this lovely sienna sandstone gives it a subtle reddish cast.

This seemingly simple material creates hyper-realistic salt-encrusted ocean side cliffs and submerged or partially submerged rocks.

Dragonian Rouge
The mother lode of Mineral Infinity, this material presents a rich rainbow of deep, vivid tones for imaginative application.

These muted shades are produced by mixed mineral ore deposits.

Reminiscent of marine coral gardens, this uniquely colored material gives your scenes new possibilities.

Deep Neptunian tones as if excavated from the depths of the ocean floor.

Crumbly in texture, this fertile material emerged from Saturn’s dark core.



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