QuadSpinner – The Dark Knights

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QuadSpinner Dust in the Wind
Dark & Stormy - Liquid Skies Vol 2

The latest innovation from the QuadSpinner Foundry, this collection of Armor showcases the LightBender component from our Material Development Kit (MDK). These rare metals give you impactful wardrobe options for your characters and other structural creations.

Prepare for battle! The Dark Knights will arm you with a distinct advantage in every joust.


Produce superb metallic objects with this material set
Use LightBender-based MetaNodes to easily control shine, reflection and texture aspects
Create a 100% Reflective material while still regulating where and how the reflection occurs
Each material contains a unique LightBender-based Metanode
Exploit the full power of metal unlike anything ever seen before in Vue
Choose from an array of stand-out armor materials, ranging from the super clean and shiny to dinged, cracked, and even distressed metals.


QuadSpinner Dust in the Wind
Dark & Stormy - Liquid Skies Vol 2

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