QuadSpinner – The Beauty of Strata

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A key ingredient to creating authentic terrains in 3D is the presence of strata. Our magnificent planet is covered with contiguous layers of rock, soil, sand, lava and other materials, laid down by natural forces over time. A richly painted canvas of color and texture, these formations add depth and exquisite beauty to our terrestrial landscape.

The ability to create these bands is one of the most exciting new design features in Vue 8. In “The Beauty of Strata”, Vue expert Dax Pandhi presents the how-to’s in concise, inspirational steps. Consider this tutorial another must-have in your digital curriculum.

In this exclusive training for Vue 8 :

– Learn how to stratify terrains with the new Strata and Confined Strata Filters
– Combine multiple Strata to achieve an aged and one-of-a-kind appearance
– See the stratification potential of Infinite Terrains
– Create weathered Mesas
– Discover how to tilt terrains for expanded possibilities and heightened realism

This is the companion tutorial to QuadSpinner’s “Realistic Procedural Terrains.”

Remember – it?s not about learning features, it?s about learning proven techniques for practical and realistic results.



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