PS Onishi for Genesis 8 Female & Victoria 8

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Onishi is a beautiful and exciting Asian Character for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8, with a hint of the exotic, ready for action and adventure.
What’s Included and Features

PS Onishi for Victoria (.DUF):
Onishi Full Character Preset
Onishi ! Full Shape Apply
Onishi ! Full Shape Remove
Onishi 1 Head Morph Apply
Onishi 1 Head Morph Remove
Onishi 2 Body Morph Apply
Onishi 2 Body Morph Remove
Onishi Eyebrows Off
Onishi Eyebrows On
Onishi Eyelashes Off
Onishi Eyelashes On
Onishi Nipple Off
Onishi Nipple On
Onishi 00 Zero Expression
Onishi Angry
Onishi Content
Onishi Glam Look
Onishi Serious
Onishi Slight Smile
Onishi Wide Smile
Material Options:
Skin Options:
Onishi 00 Full Mat
Onishi 01 Face Freckled
Onishi 02 Face No Freckles
Onishi 03 Face Freckled No Brows
Onishi 04 Face No Brows
Eyelash Options:
Onishi Lashes Lighter
Onishi Lashes
Eyebrow Options:
Onishi Mesh Brows Darker.
Onishi Mesh Brows
Nail Options:
Onishi Nails 00 Def
Onishi Nails 01
Onishi Nails 02
Onishi Nails 03
Onishi Nails 04
Onishi Nails 05
Onishi Nails 06
Onishi Nails 07
Onishi Nails 08
L.I.E.(Layered Image Editor) Make Up Options:
Onishi 00 Eyeshadows Remove
Onishi 00 Lip Color Remove
Onishi Eyeshadows 01
Onishi Eyeshadows 02
Onishi Eyeshadows 03
Onishi Eyeshadows 04
Onishi Eyeshadows 05
Onishi Eyeshadows 06
Onishi Eyeshadows 07
Onishi Eyeshadows 08
L.I.E.(Layered Image Editor)Lip Options:
Onishi Lips 01
Onishi Lips 02
Onishi Lips 03
Onishi Lips 04
Onishi Lips 05
Onishi Lips 06
Onishi Lips 07
Onishi Lips 08
Eye Options:
Onishi Eyes 00 Def
Onishi Eyes 01
Onishi Eyes 02
Onishi Eyes 03
Onishi Eyes 04
Onishi Eyes 05
Onishi Eyes 06
Textures Include:
51 Color Maps, Bumps, Normals, and Specular Maps (50 x 250 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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