Proton-5 Multibot

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… a small evolution step….
The first robots, that was build in the last century, had been put together under the aspect of beeing as much human-alike
as possible. The Proton series didnt make it further than to be the helpers
and multi-work-tools that where needed. A small alternate assemblies of the Proton-5
made it to a war robot, but those had not been seen for a while.
So here is your model:
The Proton-5 Multibot.
The Robot is a character figure. All parts are boned.
Arms, Legs, Eyes, etc they all move throught adopted Masterdials,
therewith they move realistically.
Masterdials in various bodyparts (such as the hands, heads, shoulders, hips)
let you move parts in easy way (Like Grasp Hand etc).
Included in the package are
– Proton-5 Main Figure
– 4 Standard Poses (Null, Stand, Walk, Sleep)
– Tank BackPack


All Seasons Cottage
FW Dan Megapack


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