Pool Resort

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Inspired by tropical pool resorts. “Pool Resort” which’s used in my animation work “TAROPICANA”. About the additional stuff: As you know Poser has a function for animation, but it’s not a professional animation software like 3DS Max or MAYA. It’s not easy to create high quality animation with Poser. Basically I’m an animation creator and have been trying to find a way to create animation with Poser&Vue for several years and reached this method. My method is based on Overlaying with Backgrounds. I never import Poser file into Vue inside. My style might be extreme and may not be the way that everyone can understand. So this video should not be called “Tutorial”. I understand someone feel it’s useless. But I just wanted show some hints about Poser animation. Because I could complete 30minutes length animation with this method.

Product Requirements

Vue6(All versions), PC. Windows player or other player( which can play wmv.files)



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