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Platea (Latin for street or courtyard) is a complete 360? exterior environment featuring a classically styled, open-air courtyard.

Featuring the usual modular design, the set can be broken down into pieces and features preloads to load only what you require. The parts can be mixed and matched to create several different designs, ranging from a modest single story layout to a grandiose multi-level structure.

It features interchangeable floor sections as well to add even more versatility to the set. Each wall section can be individually hidden to add in your own arrangement from the included selection of wall caps. All of the doors and window shutters articulate, opening up to show stand-in interiors – all of which can be removed or replaced individually. This provides a vast array of options for future add-on packs.

Please note, to use the fully loaded set I would recommend a you have a reasonably powerful PC/Mac. Short-cuts can be made though using the flexibility of the parts used, but a low-resolution companion pack is also available.






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    March 3, 2013

    I’ve been interested in things Roman ever since I was a honors student in Latin in high school (don’t ask me to type this in Latin, though 😛 ) Thanks!

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    March 4, 2013

    This is awesome! Thanks, Blazer =D

    And I think you’re right, Vin Valoopa. This guy makes some amazing models.

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