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Arrrrr! A peg leg, a hook, a dandy hat, and a bottle ‘O’ rum! I be a pirate a course. I gots me treasure chest and shovel but before I bury this here chest I takes out me spyglass and scan the horizon.

I don’t feel safe with so many of me dark brethren about. Sure enough, on the horizon thar’ be sails – black sails! I starts me diggin’! This is a full set of pirate props, MAT files, and a beach scene. Everything a pirate needs from a gold earring to a shovel for burying treasure.

This set includes many MAT presets for changing colors of the bandannas and sashes. With three hat styles, an assortment of weapons and a collection of must have props for a pirate the combinations are endless. You can create an entire crew.

Black Flag Bundle
Retro West


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