Pirate of the Damned

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The Pirate clothing props for the Skeleton include:

Ear Ring
Eye Patch
Head Bandana
Pirate Hat
Tattered Shirt
Tattered Pants (in three separate smartprop pieces)
Peg Leg
2 x Shoulder Belts
Waist Belt

The Pirate weapon props for the Skeleton include:

4 x Cutlass (Bloodied/Unbloodied and Left/Right Hand)
4 x Knife (Bloodied/Unbloodied and Left/Right Hand)
1 x Crutch

Figure files are provided so that the Pirate Skeleton, Bloodied Pirate Skeleton, Pirate Skull and Bloodied Pirate Skull as well as all the Pirate clothing props can be added to your scene with just a single click, or you can add just the Pirate props you want piece by piece.
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Skeleton Bones Pack http://3d-stuff.ru/skeleton-bones-pack/



Pirates Booty for Lolita Pirate
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