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An extensive set of body piercing for Victoria 4 to “enhance” her with some stylish metal!
– 4 navel piercings (top, bottom, left and right), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 8) -> FIGURES
– 4 nipple piercings (horizontal and vertical), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 8) -> FIGURES
– 11 facial piercings (mao, monroe, philtrum, snake bite, teardrop in spikes and spheres variants; back of neck, in spikes only; nose bridge in spheres only) (total of 18) -> PROPS
– 11 intimate piercings (fourchette, labia, venus, pubic venus), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 22) -> PROPS
– 8 torso piercings (back sacral, chest, cleavage, hip, underbelly), in spikes and spheres variants (total of 16) -> PROPS
– Poser Materials for jewels (3 colors + 3x P9-PP2012 ceramic materials) and Metal (3 color variants)
– D!S Materials for jewels (6 color variants) and Metal (3 color variants)



Medicine Set for Poser
Penthouse office


  1. Croi

    November 1, 2013

    oooooh happpy dance thank you for sharing pigat i absolutly love body piercings

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