Piecemaille Armor Kit

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Every good mercenary needs a good set of armor. But sometimes you can’t afford the whole set at once. So you buy one part from a smith over here, another part from a smith over there, and, ooh, that guy lying in the battlefield over there has… err, had a good set of leg armor. Not doing HIM much good anymore, so why not?

This set of four differently styled yet fully interchangeable armors is just the thing for your mercenaries, fantasy warriors, and even conscripted troops who had to scavenge to get a full harness.

Of course, you could keep to one of the four styles of armor for your character, and give him a cohesive and unified look… but where’s the fun in that?


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    August 10, 2013

    Not sure if its a problem on my end or if the download is broke but it keeps breaking right at the end of the download? Thank You for sharing though.

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