PHRASE-MAKER: Expansion Pack 1, Basic and Advanced Controls

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This expansion pack contains 16 new basic and advanced Daz Scripts for professional level projects or just to have a little fun in your scenes and animations. The BASIC control scripts enhance general creation of words and phrases. You will find the new Reset Chars feature an excellent addition to the basics tools when you accidentally use the wrong configuration script and need to start over. The ADVANCED control scripts include a user dialog with real-time adjustments to the spacing or rotation of characters by use of a slider bar. The SURFACE control scripts allow you add some visual effects to characters. Lastly, have a little fun and relax while toying around with the EVERYDAY FUN scripts.

What’s Included and Features
PHRASE-MAKER: Expansion Pack 1, Basic and Advanced Controls: (.DSE)
BASIC Controls (2):
Reset Chars – Reset Props To Zero Position
Align Center – Alignment Along Floor
ADVANCED Controls with Slider Bar (9):
Align Center (+), Adjust Props Horizontally On Floor
Align Right (+), Adjust Props Horizontally In Place
Stack Down (+), Adjust Stacking Of Props Downward
Stack Up (+), Adjust Stacking Of Props Upwards
Step Down (+), Adjustable Step Upward Effect
Step Up (+), Adjustable Step Downward Effect
Twist, Spins Props Around In Circle
Tilt, Tilts Props To Left Or Right
Topple, Leans Props Forward Or Backwards
SURFACE Controls (3):
Face Off, Hides Face Surface Of Props
Hollow Man, Hides Face And Rear Of Props
Double Vision, Hides Edge Of Props
FUN Everyday Controls (2):
Door Frame – Position Props In The Shape Of A Door Frame
Funky Wrap – Position Props In A Warped Arch Shape
NOTE: Effectiveness of control scripts is impacted by Prop sizing and may require adjustments to translations and scaling for optimal use.
Compatibility: Scripts are designed for use with Phrase-Maker character sets and may or may not work properly when applied to other figures or props.


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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