Perfectly Pretty Hands 2 for Genesis and G2F

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How many times have you come across a really great pose, but the hands somehow aren’t doing what you need them to? Or you’ve spent lots of time creating your own pose for your artwork, only to become frustrated when trying to make the hands look natural and realistic? Now with this set of versatile and natural hand poses for Genesis 2 Female you can simply click and go, easily adding that little extra touch of finesse to your renders. This set includes 34 hand poses (34 each for both the left and right hand) designed using the base Genesis 2 Female figure, but are compatible on all character versions of Genesis 2 Female, and what’s even better is they will not override your custom character morphs or full-body poses. Please note, all hand poses come with the wrists at zero position; slight turning of the wrists was done for promotional image purposes. These files will work on the original DAZ Genesis figure; please see ReadMe for installation instructions. Also, be sure to *turn limits off* on Genesis 2 Female when using these poses.

Included in this set:
34 Left Hand Poses for Genesis 2 Female (plus one zeroed left hand pose)
34 Right Hand Poses for Genesis 2 Female (plus one zeroed right hand pose)

*DS4.6 .DUF files and Poser 9+ DSON files are all included




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