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Cody Hair for M6
Dark Leia

“Pd-DirtyPretty Daz Studio Shaders” is a large pack of 280 shaders for Daz Studio 4.6. Some are dirty and some are clean. Some are pretty and some are not. These shaders work great for many different artistic styles. And they are a merchant resource too!

You can apply them to just about anything and they are easy to use. They are easily scaled and rotated by any amounts you want. And you can easily change the colors to whatever you want in the Surfaces Tab.

Pd-DirtyPretty Daz Studio Shaders includes:

280 Different shaders for Daz Studio 4.6.

12 page PDF that explains how to use the shaders

23 Grey-scale or low color hi-res Seamless Tiles
– most are about 1000×1000
1 Environment Map (reflection map)

All the shaders are provided in folders as follows:
Check Weave
Gold Stripes
Leather Dirty
Leather Shiny
Linen Clean
Linen Dirty
Linen Super Dirty

– These shaders do not show in the preview window, however, you can use a quick spot render to see what they will look like on a full render.
– These shaders are designed for use with the 3Delight render engine built into Daz Studio 4.6. They do not work with LuxRender or any other render engine.
– When rendering your final image, it is best to use a Shading Rate of 0.25 or lower. The Shading Rate can be changed in the Advanced Render Settings.




Cody Hair for M6
Dark Leia

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