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Jepe's FGH M4
Play Clothes


03 Full Motif designs with Morphing Beads and 3 Chain Lenghts
04 Strings matching the Full Models, compound just by small pieces and chains, with morphing beads.
04 Single Sections matching the Strings, for custom mix of props.
05 Single Decorative Small pieces
04 Beads plus links sections
02 Single Morphing Beads

04 Chain Sections, different lenghts, and the both longer with curvature morphs for 20, 45, 90 and 135 grades.
01 Ghost Figure for easy parenting, moving and applying of Mor Poses.
01 Triple Link
01 Single Morphing Link
01 Hanger hook

Total of 30 Props, with external geometries, all mapped.


*10 Full Glass Combos for each Model. Total 60
*32 Glass Materials
*44 Beads Materials
*17 Metals
*06 Patina
*06 Wood
Total of Materials 160


29 Mor Poses for activate morphs and styles.


Jepe's FGH M4
Play Clothes

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