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She awakened in a thrashing fit, pulling taught the chains that held her to the wall of the cave. Orkz clomped about, grunting and arguing with each other as they divied up the spoils of the assault. In the area closest to her, though, sitting beside a firepit, feasting on the flesh of people she had known her whole life, sat the warlord. He looked at her, his leathery skin spreading into an evil grin, “Now, you b’have, der, poppit. Won’ be etin’ one sof’ ‘n pink as you.” He stood and walked to her, reaching out now to caress her cheek as his massive face moved within inches of hers. “Ah gots sump’in a lot more fun in mind.”

Product Includes:
Orkz figure w/ morphs, textures &
Conforming Clothing
Default Material files for Poser 6 & up
DS3 default MAT poses

+ 3 Full Body Morphs (FBM) — Massive, Fat and Thin
+ 70 Head/Facial Morphs & ERC controls
+ Optional Genital w/ morphs
+ Hand/Finger ERC control rig
+ Blank INJ channels on figure and clothing
+ 6 basic poses, including a Walk Cycle
+ Orkz model was designed and sculpted in ZBrush at over 8 million polygons with the final mesh built with cutting edge topology reconstruction to yield a final model of just under 30k polygons, featuring expertly crafted edge loops and uv coordinates.



Orkz: Grimlokk

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