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Office Babe was designed to give you high quality mesh models along with multiple dynamic morphs allowing each individual part of the outfit to follow each sassy step V4 takes. The outfit composed of cool slinky top, alluring skirt, elegance shoes.. But that’s not all; in style glasses, notepad and pen complete the outfit.

Models in this pack are modelled as high quality but low polygons as not to strain your pc allowing you to use high realism without loosing any

All the textures are all hi quality and extremely detailed. All meshes have their own hi- quality textures.

Office Babe includes;
1 Conforming, Morphing Top figure
1 Conforming, Morphing Skirt figure
1 Conforming, Morphing Shoes figure

1 Glasses smart prop
1 Pen smart prop for Left Hand
1 Pen smart prop for Righ Hand
1 Pen prop free

1 Notepad smart prop for Left Hand
1 Notepad smart prop for Righ Hand
1 Notepad prop free

1 Left Hand for Left Pen
1 Right Hand for Right Pen
1 Left Hand for Left Notepad
1 Right Hand for Right Notepad

This outfit consists of high quality mesh models with dynamic morphs. These morphs provide advanced movement morphs to conform realistically with the character’s movements.

All parts of “Office Babe” support “V4,A4,G4,Pretty Base IV & Kaileena”


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