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Natural Private V4 – All custom

1 click custom genitals for V4 & 3 Genital piercings


? 12 custom genitals Inj + Rem
? 1 All Genitals Inj + Rem

? 3 objects
? 3 genital piercings smart props
? 3 genital piercings props *same as smart props

? 6 Textures

? 11 MAT Poses for the piercing 1
? 11 MAT Poses for the piercing 2
? 11 MAT Poses for the piercing 3

? Mt 5+ Materials: 18 (gems & Metals)

? Poser6+ Materials


Required: DAZ’s V4


? The Genitals:

?The Morph dials are in V4’s hip/*abdomen/LThigh & RThigh parameters – Injection channels – Community.?

The V4++ morphs are not required for this pack but if you do have them you can add the GenitalCrease and/or Elite’s GenitalCrease2 to change the shape of the Natural genitals.

Having the LThigh, RThigh and Hip dials separate gives you a lot of control over the morphs when usng their dials or even for just adjusting the Thighs for your
pose, the Hip or only one Thigh.

The genitals were made on V4’s default zeroed body.
When V4’s ++ body morphs are injected i.e. Aiko, Sylph, hip size, thigh size, etc the look of the morphs changes slightly.

These injections have not been tested in combination with other custom genitals.
They have been tested with V4 Full & Partial Body Morphs ++, GenitalCrease and Elite’s GenitalCrease 2 and work fine.

? FYI DS users: The V4 morphs work fine in DAZ Studio as far as I could tell except DS does not limit the Min in the morph dials which should be set to 0.


? FYI Buyers of other V4 Natural products:
These morphs do not interfere with any of the body Low, Hi and Middle morphs in my packs.?
All the Natural products can be used together creating new bodies of your own.


The Props:

There are 3 smart props and the same 3 are just props (not parented to V4).
They are very easy to grab and move around to wherever you want.

Each piercing has 11 styles.

The piercings look fine on other parts of V4’s body also such as breasts, navel, nose, etc.

Gem and metal Mt5+ materials have been included so you can make your own piercing styles.

? FYI Buyers of Natural Hi-Low & Private G2F by nirvy:
The included smart props and props can also be used on G2F genitals.
The Smart props come into the scene already parented to G2F but will need to be re-positioned.
The surfaces might need manual adjustments

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