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Natural Hi & Posed + Bonus Breast Charm Holders

1 click breasts, nipples, cleavage, sternum, poses, custom nipples for V4 & more!

Simply click the breast inj you like or combine with different partial injs or custom nipples.


? What’s different!

? The zero poses will not remove the morphs they will only zero them. Zero all will inject all the breast morphs at 0.

? 3 custom nipples

All Custom Nipples Inj will inject 3 custom nipples at 0. Individual custom nipples have also been included.

Having all the dials always available allows you to alter the breasts, custom nipples, sternum, cleavage and/or nipples whenever you want.?

The sternum width has been included. The sternum is quite important for a realistic looking breast.

? Breast Poses: These poses may need manual adjusting depending on which breast inj you choose to use in your scene ie: larger breasts will hang lower than a smaller breast and will require the breast/breasts to be raised a little (BreastupL/BreastupR).Since the dials are present this should be very simple to do.

Requires experimenting.


– Included in this pack:

? 10 Breast morph poses (Inj) *
? 10 nipple morph poses (Inj) *
? 10 cleavage morph poses (Inj) *
? 10 sternum morph poses (Inj) *
? 3 Custom nipples (inj + Rem)
? 1 Custom nipples all (inj + Rem)

(* See Read Me)

? Zero Nipples
? Zero Cleavage
? Zero Breasts
? Zero Sternum
? Zero All (does not include the custom nipples)

? 11 Position Poses for the breasts (inj + Rem) + Default

-Arms Up
-Lay Back
-Lean Forward
-Lean Left
-Lean Right
-Lean Left side
-Lean Right side
-Nipples Down
-Sit Lean Forward

? 2 objects

? 2 morphing smart props:
-Breast Charm Holder Left
-Breast Charm Holder Right

? 14 Textures including maps

? MAT Poses for the holders:

-4 for the Pretty shaped Holder
-4 for the Bone shaped Holder

? Poser 5+ Materials: 26

? Poser6+ Materials

? Utility Poses:

-Make Bone L + R
-Make Pretty L + R

? Templates


Only breast morphs + sternum width (upper torso) morphs have been used in the injections. These morph injections will not affect any other part of V4’s body.


P3D Payton
Atticus Warrior Bundle

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