Mysterious Oneytia

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  • 3 conforming figures with 4 textures set for the fabric and 3 metal style.


  • G4TheGirlBODY
  • Aiko4
  • Fitness
  • Petite
  • PowerGirl
  • Realistic
  • Stylized
  • Utopian
  • Voluptuous
  • Young
  • breasts implant
  • breasts size
  • breasts diameter
  • breasts cleavage
  • breasts flatten
  • breasts hang forward
  • breasts perk
  • BreastsDroop
  • BreastsLarge
  • BreastsNatural
  • AerolaSize
  • AerolaPerk
  • + Other morphs

A magnet is attached to the dress to manipulate the bottom of the dress.
To use, select the “abdomen” of the dress, then the cross that appears.
Tip: playing with the dials scale, rotation and translations, you can give
different movements and volume to the dress. Same thing for the loin, select the “hip” part.
DAZ studio user: The magnet system dont work with D|S

To complete the pose of your dress, you have special movement morphs?to access it select the “body” of the dress. Same thing for the loin.

4 differents textures maps are provided for the fabric and 3 metalic colors (mats poses provided, each mat works with all pieces).


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