Movie Sets, City Block Three

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1 City Block with two Interior Loading Docks and interior on Morrianos Office
1 Morrianos Import Business with interior dock area and interior Office Area with doors
1 Tire complete with full tread and side walls
1 Set of Streets Inner with intersections all grouped as one object load with Outer Streets
1 set of 8 Outer Streets grouped as one object that fits nicely in between the 8 Empty Lots
the Empty Lots all load at the same time as the Outer Streets
1 Brick Alley one way one lane
1 Swing Door on the dock that leads into the back of the Electrical Supply
1 Swing Door on the rear of the Electrical Supply that leads in off the alley
1 fire Hydrant that can be moved around
1 Road Buck to help people avoid the parade or pot holes in the road.
1 set of 8 Power Poles and triple Power Lines complete with Street lamps and Street Signs
1 Left hand triple Power Lines that can be rotated to a different corner to cross the streets
1 Right hand triple Power Lines that can be rotated to a different corner to cross the streets
1 Fire Escape with movable ladder. Limits set on ladder
5 Overhead Dock Doors with limits set
17 Swing Doors with limits set total
2 Empty Opened Cardboard Boxes
1 Exterior Bench with an Iron Frame and Painted Wooden Slats
several Roof Air Conditioners
2 Roof Skylight
several Roof Air Vents
1 single flat weed that can be duplicated and moved around
1 single round weed that can be duplicated and moved around
9 Cardboard Boxes sealed
1 Hand Truck for moving those boxes
4 Different Shipping Crates
1 Tall Pole Sign for Mandy’s Diner
1 Large roof Sigh for Dave’s Electric Supply
1 Wire Spool Empty
1 Wire Spool Full
100’s of weeds on the sidewalks that are broken
many Street Signs such as Stop Signs etc..
28 materials in the Materials Library
11 Camera Angles to get you started
11 Matching Light Angles to get you started
157 texture maps some .jpg some .png



A Curious Dead End
Lizzy Ann


  1. Profile photo of Joe


    May 12, 2013

    Thank you! We’re now lacking only City Blocks 6, 7 and 9 to make it a complete set.

  2. Profile photo of DesertRat(US)


    May 12, 2013

    Duplicate, do a search for “Movie Sets, City Block Three for Poser”…………(also need #12)

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